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In the case of opening up your very own website, domain name would be something which would need to be given careful thought and consideration. While you would definitely like to come up with something cool and interesting, you would also have to make sure that it would be easy to remember and recall for your customers. In addition, you would also have to take in to account search engines for search engine optimization purposes. This is because if the search engine crawlers would not be able to understand your domain name easily, they might not think of your website to be that credible and trustworthy. As such, your website would fail to get a high ranking, thus losing out on leads and traffic.


It would be because of this reason that you would have a lot of questions pertaining to choosing your domain name since this is something which would affect SEO to a great extent. That being the case, this article would be perfect for you. In addition to gaining more knowledge about the importance of choosing the perfect domain name, you would also be able to find out more about how this could help you in online marketing.


In order to avoid confusion, it would seem like a good idea to start off with the basics. In this case, it would mean familiarizing yourself with some basic terms and concepts.


Also known as Top Level Domain, this would be the main domain name which would also be circulated around the web. Thanks to the improvements in technology, you would have a large variety of TLDs to choose from. The best part is that all of them would rank globally as well. Some of the well-ranking ones would be: .com,.net,.org


The Second Level Domain would be the domain name that you would have to purchase. Again, this is something which would not be a problem at all since you would be able to get it at some of the best reputed sites.

How to choose your SLDSEO experts Agency

Since your SLD would be the main thing for online marketing, you would need to come up with a very good name. in addition, another problem that you might face is that a name which you would like might already be taken. Even then, you should not give up hope. This is because your main concern should not be the availability, but how it would affect your business and SEO in general.

For that case, there would be a couple of considerations that you could keep in mind when coming up with your SLD.

  • Targeting your keyword

For search engine optimization, you would have to target your keywords properly. Even if it would not boost your rankings, it would help you up your relevance factor.

  • Brand name

You would be able to find some companies who would be lucky enough to use their brand name as the keyword. Even if it would not be possible in your case, you should not despair. Even then, you should choose the brand over keywords. This is because Google tends to value branding more than keywords.

  • Relevance

It would be of utmost importance that your domain name would communicate the right message. This is because people would have a better understanding of your business or website if you would make your domain name relevant to your industry or niche.

  • Short

According to reports which have been undertaken, the most popular websites would only have six characters in their domain name. Hence, if your domain name would be of one or two words, that would be good enough.

How domain names affect SEOBest SEO Agency

  • Management of reputation

If you would have a good domain name, one that would be spelled out properly and would be relevant, then your authority and reputation would definitely increase. In addition, it would also protect your company from a possible reputation damage.

  • Relevancy

Even if your TLD and SLD would not boost your rankings, it would definitely help to increase relevance. This is because the search engines would be able to use it by bolding the keywords.

  • Reaching the right audience

With the right combination for online marketing, you would be able to make your website reach the right audience.


It would be because of this reason that it has become so important to have a good domain name for your website. Learn more about Ocean Epic the Top SEO Agency in Hawaii at the following link: