Google Requires HTTPS For Secure Data!


Google has already made it clear that it requires HTTPS for secure data. Websites that don’t have HTTPS are marked as “non-secure” by Google. In fact, any website that stores sensitive information such as passwords, credit card information or personal information should get an SSL certificate. If not, Google Chrome will begin to mark websites without HTTPS as non-secure starting end of January 2017. Your business will lose a lot of customers when Chrome begins to mark your site as a non-secure site. In fact, your customers might be hesitant to deal with a non-secure online store. That is why you need to protect your website and visitors with an SSL certificate and shift to HTTPS. This article provides information on why you should shift your site to HTTPS instead of HTTP in 2018.


HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), as well as HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), are both considered languages used to pass information between the web servers and visitors. But HTTP is unsecured while HTTPS is more secure in that sense. In fact, unauthorized parties can observe the transactions taking place between the web server and your clients when you use the standard HTTP connection. But these transactions are not that important unless you are exchanging sensitive information such as credit card information, social security numbers, and personal information of the client. On the other hand, when you have an HTTPS connection, it tends to add a blanket security over the conversation using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TSL) protocols. This connection will encrypt the data exchanged between the two parties – which will help prevent any unauthorized observation of the transactions. Hence, your customer will not trust your online store until it shifts to HTTPS from an HTTP connection. Just imagine how much revenue you tend to lose due to such a situation. That is why you need to use a secure HTTPS connection for your online store right now.


Right now, Google Chrome is marking HTTP websites as non-secure.



Just click a website that has an HTTP connection on Chrome and you will see a warning appear such as “your connection to this site is not secure“. It also states that the customer should not enter any sensitive information on the particular site. Chrome warns visitors against entering any passwords and sensitive information as these could be stolen by hackers. Your customers will be hesitant to do business with your online store once they see such a warning. On the other hand, if your site already has a secure HTTPS connection, the customer will see a lock symbol with the word “secure” and click for more information. Hence the customer can securely do business with such a site since their passwords, credit card information, and social security numbers are protected from hackers.


The latest Google Report states that more than 50% of desktop web pages are protected with an HTTPS connection – which is an all-time high figure. You need to obtain an SSL certificate from a CA or Certificate Authority in order to enable HTTPS on your website. This certificate helps your site communicate with web servers using encrypted data. On the other hand, the certificate acts as a stamp of approval from a trustworthy authority such as a CA. These are very important factors to build the credibility of your online store. That is why you need to get a secure HTTPS connection for your web store right now. Free  SSL/TSL Certificates can be obtained from Let’s Encrypt.


In conclusion, Google made it clear that they require HTTPS for secure data. The above read provides information on why Google requires HTTPS for secure data. Be sure to hire the services of a trusted agency for designing your website and ranking it securely. Visit the following link for more useful information, Seattle Digital Marketing , and you can find more about us here