4 Tips For Hiring A Seattle SEO Consultant


If you are the proud owner of a website, you’ll quickly realize how challenging it can be to make it successful. And while there are still many people claiming how easy it is to make things happen online, it’s simply not the case anymore. Instead, you find yourself going up against thousands of websites, all fighting for the same spot. And this is why website owners think about hiring a professional SEO consultant.


Search engine optimization is your best bet at reaching higher rankings and attracting organic traffic. But do you understand it well enough to make it work for you? And if you are contemplating whether you should hire a professional, how do you go about finding the best one?


In light of helping you make the most of your website and getting the rankings you want, here are some good tips for hiring a Seattle SEO consultant.


  1. Brush Up On Your SEO Knowledge

    Ocean Epic Seattle Services

    Ocean Epic Seattle Services


The first thing you want to do is take a crash course in SEO. Before you even speak to a consultant, you want to know what it is, why everyone is using it, and what you stand to gain from it. You also want to get familiar with the dynamics. For example, search engines use “crawlers” or “spiders” to scan websites, and your site needs to be visible to them in order to rank higher.


These are things you want to know about, seeing as the consultant is going to give you a break down of how they are going to approach your specific site.


  1. Always Look For Experience


A professional can only claim this title if they have enough experience and knowledge in the field. The same works for search engine optimization.


You want to use a Seattle SEO Consultant who knows where search engine optimization comes from, and where it will most likely go in the future. For example, they should be aware of the current Google algorithms and how they operate in terms of selecting high ranking sites. And they should stay on top of any changes, which there will be.


By working with someone who doesn’t have the necessary experience, you might see short-term results. The long-term, however, might not be as promising.


  1. Get References


If the consultant you talk to claims to have experience, ask for a list of references. They shouldn’t have any problem giving you contact details for previous clients, especially if they are confident in their ability. Plus, you’ll get some honest opinions in the process.


  1. Use The Consultation Wisely


Be prepared for the consultation, even if it’s free and doesn’t put you under any obligation. Have some tough questions prepared, and it’s recommended to schedule at least three different consultations.


If you haven’t worked with an SEO consultant, you won’t really know how to measure their ability. But if you talk to several consultants, you’ll get a much better idea of who will be better suited for your site.


And given that you’ll be investing money in something that doesn’t guarantee a return, take your time and think about it.

Finding Seattle’s Best Search Engine Optimization Agency

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